Vibrating Level Switch Solids DP series

SKU: DPseries

Manufacturer: Hycontrol

Vibrating level switches utilise a piezoelectric crystal to oscillate a blade at its fundamental frequency (also referred to as the natural resonance). When the blade of the probe comes into contact with the process media the natural frequency of oscillation is dampened; the electronics sense the change in frequency which causes the unit to switch.

pdf datasheet

The design of a vibrating level switch for solids must be fundamentally different to the design described for liquids. If two large parallel blades were used on powders or solids it would be too easy for product to build-up and become lodged between the blades causing the oscillations of the switch to stop regardless of product level. For solids applications on products ranging from cornflakes to coal, it is preferable to have only one blade in contact
with the product. This eliminates the potential for bridging between the forks and ensures that the switch does not give false alarms.