high flow meter

Influx LPL high flow meter

LPL high flow meter

The LPL Series Housed Flowmeter is suitable for both our glass and acrylic flow tubes mounted within a rugged industrial housing. They are available in 3 tube scale lengths up to 250mm and various connection sizes. Key Features & Benefits Direct reading Low pressure drop High repeatability Rugged enclosure pdf datasheet

Influx Deltaflux high flow meter

iMT high flow meter

The iMT Metal Tube flowmeter features a high visibility, direct reading scale with options for remote switching or 4 to 20 mA output. It is well suited to high pressure, temperature and harsh environmental conditions. Key Features & Benefits 90° Linear Scale Easy to Read Repeatable & Stable pdf datasheet

Influx Deltaflux high flow meter

Deltaflux high flow meter

The Deltaflux Orifice Meter is ideal for direct flow indication of high liquid or gas flows in large pipe sizes. It offers an economic, easy to use and low maintenance solution that does not require external powering. Key Features & Benefits High flows Direct reading Between flange connections Compact construction pdf datasheet