Hycontrol Smartfoam Sensor

Smartfoam Sensor

SKU: Smartfoam

Manufacturer: Hycontrol

The SmartFoam sensor is part of Hycontrol’s foam detection range, designed to detect and control foam in a single unit for basic foam applications. It is simple, robust and cost-effective. Within its head, the SmartFoam has its own built-in transmitter so that foam detection and control are managed without the need for an external controller. This integrated Sensor shows reliability, resilience, and complete immunity to fouling.

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SmartFoam is available in a range of insertion lengths, with additional custom length options. Constructed from 316 Stainless steel and PVDF with a polypropylene head, it offers a robust solution for foam control which is very easily installed into an existing process system.

The SmartFoam sensor is designed for foam detection only. As the sensor detects foam, the SmartFoam will provide a relay output which can then be vitalised for controlling an anti-foam dosing system. The SmartFoam can be connected directly to a PLC or process controller without the need for any additional instrumentation. The sensor includes a 3/4” BSP or NPT tapered fitting to enable it to screw into a process tank. Alternatively, it can be fitted by means of a bracket over an open tank. It is easily cleaned and fully weatherproof for outdoor situations with IP66/67 enclosure.

Key Benefits

  • Reliable, robust and long life
  • Completely immune to fouling
  • Unique IMA® sensing technology
  • 24 VDC supply
  • Low installation cost
  • Integral electronics

Key Features

Standard Length: 500 mm / 750 mm / 1000 mm / 1500 mm
Maximum Temperature: 70°C
Power Supply: 24 VDC 25 mA
Sealing: IP66/67