Hycontrol Ultrasonic Level Transmitter  Multiflex

Ultrasonic Level Transmitter Multiflex

SKU: Multiflex

Manufacturer: Hycontrol

The Hycontrol Sonarflex sludge blanket and interface controller is a microprocessor-based transmitter, combined with an appropriate RVS sonar transducer and a cleaning mechanism. It can be programmed via an easy menu-driven keypad or remotely via a PC. It is used to measure the blanket level in primary sedimentation tanks or the RAS Blanket and FLOC/FLUFF layers in secondary and final clarifiers.

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The CE-marked Multiflex instrument from Hycontrol was the first low-cost, general purpose level controller capable of monitoring the level of solids in hoppers and silos as well as providing all the functionality of dedicated liquid level controllers. Whilst Hycontrol's range of ultrasonic equipment has expanded since the Multiflex is still a popular choice for a number of customers.

  • 300 metre separation between transducer and Multiflex possible
  • 9 software routines built-in
  • 7 different vessel shapes held in memory
  • Vision system software to view the profile of the level