efco  Horizontal Test Benches PS-H 15-75T
efco  Horizontal Test Benches PS-H 15-75T

Horizontal Test Benches PS-H 15-75T

SKU: PS-H 15-75t

Manufacturer: EFCO

The EFCO PS-H 15-75M series combines a wide field of application in valve housing strength tests and leakage tests for valve housings and seats with high EFCO quality.
The PS-H 15-75M is available with various clamping forces starting at 25 up to 75 t. Depending on the corresponding model water examinations are possible in combination with air or nitrogen.

The standard test technology is characterized by:

  • Sturdy design
  • Easy, manual operation
  • Infinitely variable clamping force
  • Suited for pressure testing of shut-off and control valves
  • Water tank made from stainless steel (VA)
  • All parts of clamping device with anticorrosive coating
  • Brushed stainless-steel front panels with language-independent operator symbols
  • High-quality manometer including acceptance test certificates
  • High-quality controls

Other variants on request.



Type DN in mm (inch) Clamping force (t)
PS-H15M 15–250 (1/2"–10") 15
PS-H30M 25–400 (1"–16") 30
PS-H50M 25–400 (1"–16") 50
PS-H75M 25–400 (1"–16") 75