PD Flowmeter Trigear

SKU: PD trigear

Manufacturer: Trigear

The Trigear PD Flowmeter outperforms its competitors when it comes to the accurate metering of the majority of clean fluids including fuels, oils, additives, chemicals, food bases, paints, viscous emulsions, insecticides, alcohols and solvents whether they be pumped or gravity fed.

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Trigear Positive Displacement Flowmeters are: 

  • high accuracy & precision, upto ±0.15% for custody transfer
  • reliable, robust, easy to install & service, bidirectional flow
  • low pressure drop, less slippage, smooth & quiet
  • for waterbased media (stainless steel): chemicals – adhesives – food based
  • for oil based media (Aluminium): Fuels, oils, alcohols, solvents, paints, emulsions
  • for critical low flow: Visuflow – see through


Working Principle

Liquid passes into the single case measuring chamber and displaces two tri-gears. Each rotation of a tri-gear is proportional to a discrete unit of volume, in turn, the speed at which the gears rotate is directly proportional to flowrate. Reed and Hall Effect sensors mounted outside the pressure boundary detect the movement of the tri-gears, thus allowing local or remote instruments to display flow total, rate of flow or facilitate batching applications.


  • Less than 50% slippage than oval gear/piston
  • 33% less pressure drop, smoother & quieter than oval gear fm, less vibration


  • Size range: 8 - 100 mm (3/8“ - 4“)
  • Flow range: 0.25 – 1500 l/min
  • Wide rangeability and linearity
  • High accuracy up to ± 0.15%
    TG008: ± 0.5% of reading, TG015-050: ± 0.15% (6:1 turndown), ± 0.25% (15:1 td), ± 0.5 (25:1 td)
  • Repeatability ± 0.1% of reading
  • Temperature -20 to 120°C (opt. higher)
  • Viscosity up to 100.000 cps
  • Good low flow performance for low mass


  • Stainless steel for waterbased media:pdblind
    chemicals – adhesives – food based
  • Aluminium for oil based media:
    Fuels, oils, alcohols, solvents, paints, emulsions
  • Visuflow: for critical low flow – see through
  • Gear material: PPS Ryton (chem. Appl.), PEEK (F&B - FDA approved)
  • Connections: screwed, flanged, bolted on process connections
  • Bidirectional flow
  • Intrinsically safe, explosion proof options
  • Display with totalizer, batch control, flow rate
  • Reed switch or hall sensor pulse output
  • 4-20mA, scaled & quadrature pulse, alarms, HART, Modbus


boltedDosing, Batching, Filling, 2 Component Mixing for

  • Water based media: chemicals – adhesives – food based
  • Oil based media: Fuels, fuel oils, alcohols, solvents, paints, emulsions

Industrial Applications/Sectors:

  • Cryogenic
  • High Viscosity
  • High purity: F&B, Pharma
  • Aggressive/corrosive Media: Chemical - Petro-Chemical
  • Paints, Spray paints