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DMF boardcomputer

Contoil DFM Board Computer BC

The CONTOIL® DFM-BC is the suitable computer and display, which covers all direct and differential applications in fuel metering. It can be used for all available flowmeter sizes. - Robust, vibration approved synthetic material housing - Total consumption, daily total, actual consumption - Service-functions: parameter read out for each flow meter - Log-book: storage of the configuration and messages of both flow meters pdf datasheet

F-Series Indicator

Flow Indicator and Batching Control

The universal converters are used as flow indicators and for batching control of miscellaneous liquids: water, industrial liquids, fuel etc.. These converters are designed for industrial environments. Four versions are available: flow totaliser F113, differential flow measurement F116/F127 with temperature compensation and batching control F131 (non explosive environment) and F131 Exi (explosive environment). pdf datasheet


Multifunction Flowcomputer SUPERtrol II

The SUPERtrol II Flow Computer can be used with a variety of flowmeter types in liquid, gas, steam and heat applications. Multiple flow equations are available in a single instrument with many advanced features. The alphanumeric display offers measured parameters in easy to understand format. Manual access to measurements and display scrolling is supported. pdf datasheet


2 Channel Manifold Controller & Flow Computer ST1

The ST1 flowmeter manifold controller is a special flow instrument intended to accept inputs from two flowmeters, one larger and one smaller, and which also controls the bypass valve. The instrument setup contains the calibration information for both flowmeters as well as the manifold flow rate switch setpoint and hysteresis. pdf datasheet


MINIbatcher MB2 Pulse Input, Flow Batcher

The MINI-Batcher is a 6 digit LED flow batcher with totalizer and 4.5 digit ratemeter display with two relay outputs for batch control . One output is dedicated to the batch amount (Preset A), the other can be activated for Prewarn or Batch/Grand Total. The MB2 can count up to the preset (reset to 0) or down from the preset (set to preset). Start, Stop and Reset functions can be activated from the front panel or remote inputs. The MINI-batcher is a must have for low cost batching systems. pdf datasheet


Multi-Channel Controler PMS 110R

The data logger PMS-110/111 is a compact multichannel-controller with a capability to record and display data. It is one of the first industrial devices which integrates advanced control functions (PID, ON/OFF, time & profiles etc.) and logging of setpoints, excitations and current state of controlled objects. Based on Linux firmware, is stable and the touch screen makes configuration easy and comfortable and data presentation easily readable. pdf datasheet


MINIrate MR2 Pulse Input Rate Meter

The MR2 is a 4.5 digit rate meter with two level, 5 digit preset alarm control. It offers a scalable pulse input up to 10kHz max. pdf datasheet


Enclosure with Instrument Panel Option NEMA 4X/IP65

The MS827 Enclosure is ideal for use in most petrochemical plants, sewage plants, food processing areas, packing plants, electroplating plants, etc. pdf datasheet


Temperature Controller mL-TCR4

The mL-TCR4 temperature controllers are designed for measuring and controlling a temperature value in industry. They can be used in many applications with their TC and RTD temperature measurement input, multi-function control outputs, programmable control and alarm functions. They are mainly used in glass, plastic, petrol-chemistry, textile, automotive and machine production industries. Accurate and advanced controlling is performed with selectable ON-OFF, P, PI, PD, PID, Self Tune PID, Auto Tune PID functions. pdf datasheet


8 Channel Analog Scanner with 10 relays

The mL-CS8A series 8 channel analog scanner devices are designed for measuring and logging processes. They can be used in many applications with their 0-20mA, 4-20mA or 0-10VDC process input, alarm outputs, selectable alarm functions, RS-232 / RS-485 communications. Application Fields Glass, Plastic, Petro-Chemistry, Textile, Automotive, Machine production industries. Applications Heating, Baking Ovens, Incubators Storages, Air Conditioning pdf datasheet



The mL-OTC2 series temperature controllers are designed for measuring and controlling temperature. They can be used in many applications with their TC and RTD temperature measurement input, On/Off control form and heating and cooling selection. They are mainly used in glass, plastic, petro-chemistry, textile, automotive and machine production industries. pdf datasheet



The mL-HTC Temperature + Humidity controller is designed for the control of humidity and temperature in industrial processes. PID or On / Off control is available to control the process. 4 Relays are offered for control and alarm outputs. They are mainly used in glass, plastic, petro-chemistry, textile, automotive and machine production industries. pdf datasheet