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Portable Test Bench for Savety Valves PS-T/SV5

Portable valve test bench for testing safety valves DN 10 (3/8“) - DN 80 (3“)

PS-T10 portable vertical testbench

Portable Test Bench PS-T10

The portable PS-T 10.02 is suitable for testing shut-off valves and safety valves. The test specimens are clamped vertically and can be optimally vented by filling from below. Test media can be water (test pressure of up to 200 bar or 2.900 psi max.) and air/nitrogen (test pressure of up to 200 bar or 2.900 psi max.). You are able to carry out housing tests, response pressure tests and seat leakage tests. The PS-T 10.02 has a nominal range from DN 10 (3/8 ") to DN 200 (8"). The clamping is done manually with 4 clamping claws.


Test Benches for Savety PS-SV15 / 30 / 50

Valve test bench for testing safety valves DN 15 (1/2“) - DN 400 (16“)


Vertical Test Benches PS-15 / 30 / 50 / 75

Valve test bench for testing of safety valves and shut-off / control valves DN 15 (1/2“) - DN 500 (20“) Proven technology standardised and in modular design. Cost-effective and short delivery time. Basic program with variants and many options.


Horizontal Test Benches PS-H

The EFCO PS-H M series combines at a competitive price a wide field of application in valve housing strength tests and leakage tests for valve housings and seats with the accustomed high EFCO quality. The PS-H M is available with various clamping forces starting at 200 t up to 550 t. Depending on the corresponding model water examinations are possible in combination with air or nitrogen.


Automatic Test Benches PS-A

We offer a broad automation range. From manual starting of individual tests without evaluation of results to the automatic sequencing of several different tests with automatic checking and display of results. PS-7,5A / 15A Valve test benches for testing shutoff valves DN15 (1/2“) - DN250 (10“)


High Pressure Compressor Booster

For the generation of high pressure or the compression of air or nitrogen and storage in the integrated pressurised bottle at up to 350 bar (approx. 5075 psi).