Leitenberger Calibration Electronic Pressure Calibrator LPC200
Leitenberger calibration hydraulic pressure comparator spindle pump LSP1000-H, LSP1200H, LSP1600-H

Hydraulic Pressure Compariator Test Pump upto 1600 bar

SKU: LR-Cal LSP1000-H, LSP1200-H, LSP1600-H

Manufacturer: Leitenberger

Pressure Comparator, hydraulic spindle pump. Pressure generation up to 1600 bar.
With rigid base plate. Medium: mineral oil or water.

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Pressure comparison test pumps are used for generating pressure for the testing, adjusting and calibrating of mechanical and electronic pressure measuring instruments by means of comparison measurements. These pressure tests can be carried out in laboratories, workshops or on site at the set measuring point.

  • 3 pressure range models: up to 1000 bar - 1200 bar - 1600 bar
  • Manual pressure source, hydraulic, for calibration purposes,
  • Operating fluid: Mineral oil based hydraulic fluid, or destilled water
  • Including build-in priming pump
  • Also higher pressures to be generated with low force
  • To be fixed on a bench

Leitenberger lsp 1000h hydraulic pressure comparison test pump descriptionWhen the

device under test and a reference measuring instrument with an adequate accuracy are connected to the test pump, the same pressure will act on both measuring instruments after actuating the pump. A calibration or an adjustment can be carried out by comparing the two measured values at any pressure value.

In order to enable an accurate generation of the measuring points, the pressure comparison test pump LR-Cal LSP is provided with a fine adjustable spindle pump.

In addition, the LR-Cal LSP feature a spindle which only runs withing the pump body. Thus there is no adverse bending moment acting on an outstanding spindle, and particularly for field use this has the advantage that the dimension of these pressure comparison pumps will not change when the spindle is turned during operation. The LR-Cal LSP needs only little force to generate also high pressures.

This pressure comparison test pump is equipped with strainer dirt collectors in the pressure ports as well as in the bottom of the operation fluid reservoir. This reduces considerable the risk of material pollution of the operation fluid. (Note: if operated with hydraulic oil, the dirt collector in the reservoir has to be removed.)