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DFP Leitenberger digital force pressure gauge

Reference Pressure and Force Gauge DFP

Digital Reference Pressure Gauge, scalable conversion to force & weight, perfect for checking pressure gauges at hydraulic presses, force and weight conversion download pdf datasheet

DFP Leitenberger digital force pressure gauge
DFP Leitenberger digital force pressure gauge

Torque and Force Meter for Benches LFC80

Digital Torque Meter for benches optional with mechanical support with dual linear guide for calibration of torque wrenches download pdf datasheet

Leitenberger Calibration LHM handheld Indicator for pressure, force, torque, internal and external sensor

handheld indicator LHM for low pressure, force, weight, torque

Professional handheld indicator LHR-Cal LHM for vacuum/low pressure (up to 5 bar), force/weight and torque,with internal and up to 7 external pressure and force sensors, automatic recognition, data logger,USB interface, PEAK function, linearization, wireless option download pdf datasheet