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Aplsens APIS Electropneumatic positioner

APIS Electropneumatic positioner

The APIS positioner is a final control element intended for control valves.It is intended for cooperation with pneumatic membrane and piston single and double-acting actuators with linear and rotational movement. It allows quick and precise controlling of displacement of actuator piston rod using analog or digital control signal.The positioner is controlled by a standard signal from two-wire 4..20 mA current loop or digitally in accordance with the HART 6 specification. It can be also equipped with a two-wire, current (4..20 mA) position transmitter of piston rod of the associated actuator. Current circuit of position transmitter is galvanically isolated from the input circuit of the control signal.The positioner can cooperate both with straight and reverse acting pneumatic actuators. The positioner can cooperate with single-acting actuators manufactured by Polna S.A., Samson, Arca Regler, Spiral-Sarco and double-acting actuators manufactured by Prema Kielce, Air Torque, Festo, Ebro Armaturen, El-0-Matic and by other manufacturers using proper mechanical coupling components. pdf datasheet