Fuel Oilmeter Contoil DN15-50

To measure heating fuel consumption by oil burners (for example, in heating boilers, industrial furnaces, tar processing plants), Mineral Oils, Consumption monitoring and optimization (ships, generators and large vehicles, etc.), Manual Dosing/Batching pdf datasheet


Fuel Oilmeter Contoil DN 4-8

To measure heating fuel consumption by oil burners (for example, in heating boilers, industrial furnaces, tar processing plants), light and extra light mineral Oils, Consumption monitoring and optimization (ships, generators and large vehicles, etc.) pdf datasheet


Fuel Oilmeter Domino DN15-50

Domino flow measurement of liquids in chemical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and other industries. Batching, dosing and filling operations. pdf datasheet


Viscomaster HFVM

The measurement and control of fuel oil viscosity is a known requirement within the marine and diesel engine industries. The HFVM measures liquid viscosity, density, and temperature in aggressive environments. These meters use vibrating fork technology for reliable direct-insertion measurement. HFVMs provide Heavy Fuel Oil (HFO)/Marine Gas Oil (MGO) combustion control, and oil-fired heater and boiler control. pdf datasheet


Shaft Power Meter SPM

The Shaft Power Meter is a permanent power measuring system for fuel / propulsion efficiency It is the cost effective solution when reliable shaft power measurement is required. The system is easy to install and requires no electronic parts on the shaft. The system operates absolutely contact free.

Fuel Performance System

Fuel Performance System FPS

Fuel Monitoring Ship / Fleet Management / Fuel Efficiency / CO2 Reporting (MRV) The Fuel Performance System (FPS 2.0) is an open PLC-web based system to record signals, which are important to enable full transparency of all fuel and performance parameters of shipoperation process. With fuel flow meters CONTOIL® sensors, shaft power meter SPM and addi-tional data from ship automation the fuel consumption and fuel efficiency data can be acquiredand stored for further analysis and reporting (CO2 reporting MRV). pdf datasheet

DMF boardcomputer

Contoil DFM Board Computer BC

The CONTOIL® DFM-BC is the suitable computer and display, which covers all direct and differential applications in fuel metering. It can be used for all available flowmeter sizes. - Robust, vibration approved synthetic material housing - Total consumption, daily total, actual consumption - Service-functions: parameter read out for each flow meter - Log-book: storage of the configuration and messages of both flow meters pdf datasheet

F-Series Indicator

Flow Indicator and Batching Control

The universal converters are used as flow indicators and for batching control of miscellaneous liquids: water, industrial liquids, fuel etc.. These converters are designed for industrial environments. Four versions are available: flow totaliser F113, differential flow measurement F116/F127 with temperature compensation and batching control F131 (non explosive environment) and F131 Exi (explosive environment). pdf datasheet


Diesel Switch

The DIESEL SWITCH is a fuel management system which helps you to comply with MARPOL regulation. It controls fully automatically the changeover and blending process on board your good vessels and will manage additional processes within your fuel system. Protect your engine - no human risk! Save ship operation - change over or blending process in maneuvering areas. pdf datasheet


Homogenizer HG 100

Blend- fuel quality improvement, Combustion perfection, Sludge reduction The Homogenizer is a dynamic milling machine which can be used in the fuel system on board ships. It is designed to improve your fuel quality which will lead to a better combustion and less maintenance. Furthermore it can reduce sludge in case of fuel incompatibility. Increase the amount of burnable fuel in case of bad fuel quality. The Homogenizer has a high saving potential. pdf datasheet