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Hycontrol Suresense+ Foam Control System

Suresense+ Foam Control System

The SureSense+ is an advanced wall-mounted foam controller, which connects to up to three sensors mounted in a single or multiple process vessel(s). This multi-probe capability allows for fully independent monitoring and dosing control of up to three tanks from a single controller, offering multi-tank users a significant cost saving. pdf datasheet

Hycontrol Smartfoam Sensor

Smartfoam Sensor

The SmartFoam sensor is part of Hycontrol’s foam detection range, designed to detect and control foam in a single unit for basic foam applications. It is simple, robust and cost-effective. Within its head, the SmartFoam has its own built-in transmitter so that foam detection and control are managed without the need for an external controller. This integrated Sensor shows reliability, resilience, and complete immunity to fouling. pdf datasheet