IPC Surge Protection

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Novaris Surge Protector Slimline Signal Line Protectors SL

Slimline Signal Line Protectors SL

Novaris SL range of plug-in signal line protectors provide surge protection for most twisted pair signalling schemes. Ideal for the protection of PLCs, instrumentation, fire and security systems, telecommunications and telemetry systems, railway signalling, SCADA and other industrial monitoring and control equipment


Slimline Surge Protector SL2 / SLH2

The Novaris SL2 and SLH2 range provides 20kA high energy surge protection for balanced pair signaling circuits, used in a wide range of industrial monitoring and control equipment. Applications include SCADA, PLC, fire and security systems, telecommunications and railway signaling. The SL2 is designed for protecting communication circuits with a 3dB of 60Mhz and the SLH2 is designed for instrumentation power circuits requiring up to 2.5A of current.. The SL2 and SLH2 range integrates a fault indicator and external alarm connection for surge protection monitoring. They are available with a -EC90 option to isolate the earth connection for protection of field equipment. The protection and alarm circuit is contained in a replaceable cartridge to minimise downtime.


Slimline Series Surge Protector SSP6A

The SSP6A series surge protectors complement the SL range for applications of load currents up to 6A. Typical applications may include power supplies, instrumentation and other low voltage requirements up to 6A. With two different base options the SSP6A protectors offer either direct earthing via DIN rail, for the most effective, low impedance earth connection (-G base) or a connection via GDT to the DIN rail, offering isolation under normal conditions and equipotential bonding during a surge (-EC90 base). The plug-in design provides simple and rapid replacement and testing – no rewiring needed. This also provides a convenient method of field equipment isolation if required.


Threaded Signal Line Protectors SLT

Novaris threaded instrument protectors provide surge protection for instrumentation and are designed to be installed directly at the field equipment providing protection against induced surges and transients. They are suitable for two, three and four wire instruments. SLT models are available for signalling systems up to 200V. The multistage design provides a high energy gas discharge tube (GDT) as primary protection for common mode disturbances, commonly associated with lightning strikes and power system earth faults and a secondary metal-oxide varistor clamping stage across the signal lines. This combination provides very robust surge protection with high transient suppression and low let-through voltages. In addition protection is provided for cable screens which may be open circuit at the instrument.


Y Adapter for SLT

The SLT-Y offers a solution when a field instrument has no free cable entry to accommodate the SLT threaded instrument protector. The Novaris Y-piece adapter accommodates the SLT threaded instrument protector and cable gland. The SLT-Y is available in the same thread types as the threaded instrument protectors. The IS-SLT-Y-M20 is an IEC Ex and ATEX EX d certified version of the Y-Adapter, and so may be installed in Ex d rated instruments without loss of integrity.

Novaris Surge Protector High Surge Current Signal Line Protector SLD

High Surge Current Signal Line Protector SLD

SLD Signal Line Protectors are designed to protect the most sensitive electronic equipment in lightning intense environments. So they are ideal for the protection of PLC’s, fire and security systems, railway signalling and SCADA equipment. Models feature multistage transient protection which delivers a greater level of protection through a staged approach. The primary stage absorbs the majority of the surge energy. The remaining stages provide accurate clamping and a degree of redundancy.

Novaris Surge Protector Multiline Protectors SLM

Multiline Protectors SLM

Novaris SLM offers protection for up to 12 signal lines. Each of the 12 lines have the protection referenced to ground making it an excellent choice for parallel signaling busses. Typical applications include process control, telemetry, PLC, and irrigation systems.

Novaris Surge Protector RS-Serial Port Protectors

RS-Serial Port Protectors

Novaris DB Protectors provide protection for serial protocol systems in RS232 and RS485 applications. These units are housed in a headshell enclosure. The DB Protectors have a 90V earth isolation to prevent ground loops.

Novaris Surge Protector C-Bus™ Protection Device  RJ45-1CB

C-Bus™ Protection Device RJ45-1CB

Novaris C-Bus™ RJ45 surge protection products are specifically designed for the protection of C-Bus™ RJ45 communications wiring. The Novaris C-Bus™ RJ45 network protector is designed with primary protection elements of the C-Bus™ network pairs and secondary protection elements to provide protection for the Remote Override pairs. The Novaris C-Bus™ protector contains integrated 230V isolation to prevent equipment damage during power to earth faults but also provide efficient earth bonding during a surge event.