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Aplisens ZPK Flange type of nozzle flowmeter

ZPK Flange type of nozzle flowmeter

The Aplisens Nozzle Flowmeter ZPK is suitable for flow measurement of liquids in closed pipelines pdf datasheet

Aplisens Pitot Tube Flow Sensor PRP
Aplisens PEM-1000ALW, PEM-1000NW Electromagnetic flowmeter

Pitot Tube Flow Sensor PRP

The PRP Pitot Tube Flowsensor measures the flow in pipes and ducts according to the differential pressure working principle. It allows bidirectional flow with low pressure loss, low maintenance and installation cost and accurate long term reading. pdf datasheet

Oriflow Compact Orifice Flowmeter Bopp & Reuther
Turbine Flowmeter RQ Bopp & Reuther

Compact Orifice Oriflow

The compact orifice Oriflow for flow measurements of conductive and non-conductive fluids, gases and vapours, volume/mass measurement pdf datasheet