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Capacitance Switch ME10 Standard

The ME10 Standard makes use of versatile capacitance technology to provide precise and reliable level switching for a wide variety of industrial applications. pdf datasheet


Capacitance Switch ME20 High Temperature

The ME20 is a durable level switch capable of functioning in applications up to 200°C. An 800°C version is also available for extreme applications. pdf datasheet


Capacitance Switch ME30 Corrosion Proof

The ME30 capacitance probe offers reliable point level switching in corrosive media and atmospheres. Hycontrol’s ME Series capacitance level switches provide simple, accurate and reliable level control for a wide range of applications. They are suitable for use on liquids, solids, slurries, pastes, granules, powders and pellets in high temperature, high pressure and corrosive environments. pdf datasheet


Capacitance Switch ME40 Remote

The ME40 remote electronics capacitance switch is a practical solution to more difficult applications, for example, those with high levels of vibration that may otherwise upset or damage the sensitive components in the probe head. These issues may be overcome by remote-mounting the sensitive parts. pdf datasheet


Capacitance Switch ME50 Wire Probe

The cable-mounted ME50 capacitance probe is designed to be hung from the top of a vessel to provide accurate point-level switching. pdf datasheet


Capacitance Switch ME60 Plate Type

The ME60 is a plate-type variation of the standard capacitance probe, with a shorter insertion length. pdf datasheet


Capacitance Switch ME80 antistatic

The ME80 capacitance switch utilises an anti-static probe for applications with high static probability, such as plastic pellets. A high-temperature variant is also available. pdf datasheet