Leitenberger pneumatic pressure comparison test pump benchtop model LSP100-T benchtop pump

Pneumatic Pressure Comparison Test Pump Bench Type LR-Cal LSP 100-P

SKU: LR-Cal LSP100-P

Manufacturer: Leitenberger

Pressure Comparator, pneumatic hand lever pump. Pressure generation up to +100 bar, switchable to Vaccum generation up to -0.95 bar.
Medium: ambient air.

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The Pressure comparison test pump LR-Cal LSP 100-P is used for generating pressure and vacuum for the testing, adjusting and calibration of mechanical and electronict pressure measuring instruments by means of comparison measurements. These pressure and vacuum tests can be carried out in laboratories, workshops or on site at the set measuring point.

  • Pneumatic, -0,95 to +100 bar
  • Pneumatic pressure and vacuum source for calibration and testing purposes
  • Manual pneumatic lever pump using ambient air
  • Generating pressure up to 100 bar, switchable to vacuum to -0.95 bar

lsp 100p description Leitenberger pneumatic handpump benchtop

When the device under test and a reference measuring instrument with an adequate accuracy are connected to the same pressure comparator, the same pressure will act on both measuring instruments after actuating the pump. A calibration or adjustment can be carried out by comparing the two measure values at any pressure or vacuum value.

In order to enable an accurate generation of the measuring points, the pressure comparison pump  LR-Cal LSP 100-P is provided with a fine adjustment valve.

This manual pressure pump uses ambient air as medium. Easy to use, no external pressure or vacuum source needed.