Metering Skid Solutions Bopp & Reuther
Metering Skid Solutions Bopp & Reuther

Metering Skid Solutions

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Manufacturer: Bopp Reuther

Metering Skid Solutions for Batch Measurement: Loading / Unloading, Continuous Measurement: Pipeline Blending and Additive Injection Units Dosing

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As a complete solution provider, Bopp & Reuther covers all needs, from consulting, engineering, manufacturing, testing, at Site installation and implementation of Compact Metering /Proving Systems based on our own components and technologies

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 Custodytransferlightoils  compact mobile lubricating oil filling units

 Custody Metering Package:

The Compact Metering System designed by BOPP & REUTHER MESSTECHNIK GMBH is a fully assembled automated Metering solution built upon a framed base that can be installed permanently or be portable to move and measure the amount of product being transferred

Our Metering/Proving Package a tailored solution reflecting the comprehensive understanding of International Measuring Directives and newest Metrological Regulations (MID, OIML, etc..).

Local normative or customer-specific requirements available could be evaluated and integrated into the design.

Thorough leakage and calibrations tests of the complete measuring/proving system are performed on each CMS before leaving our premises:


Properly sizing of the Metering SKID consists of choosing a Line-size that optimizes the trade-off between measurement  error at minimum Flow rate and pressure loss and/or liquid velocity at maximum flow rate.

Metering SKID should be sized for the current average continuous production-flow rate.


The following Parameters are needed to design a suitable SKID-Solution:

  • Application: Batch (Loading – Unloading) or Continuous Measurement
  • Fluid being metered
  • System Operating Flow Min-Norm-Max (m3/h)
  • Operating Temperature (°C)
  • Operating Pressure (bars)
  • Operating Density (kg/m3)
  • Operating Viscosity (mPa.s)
  • Power Supplies Available
  • Explosion proof Design
  • Line Size / Piping – ANSI Class

Modular Solutions:

We provide modular complete solution using our own products and those from other leading manufacturers in detail consisting of:

  • Shut-Off Valves
  • Filter and Air Release Element
  • Process Instrumentations (Temperature – Pressure – Density)
  • Sensing (Metering) Element (Mass or a Volumetric flowrate)
  • Proving Connection
  • Control Valve
  • Flow Computer

Please Note:

  • For LPG (Liquefied Gas), a Dynamic fluid pressure control must be included in the Metering Line in order to prevent vaporization.
  • The pressure control loop is implemented in the batching flow computer, using continuous signal interchange with Pressure transmitter installed in the metering Line.
  • It triggers the set-stop  valve to increase back pressure in order to maintain the fluid by constantly monitoring its vapor pressure.