Influx Fluxline low flow meter

Fluxline low flow meter

SKU: Fluxline

Manufacturer: Influx

Suitable for both our glass and acrylic flow tubes, Fluxline meters provide a safe and resistant solution for various applications. A high impact resistant polycarbonate cover surrounds the glass tube in our Safety Housed frame, protecting it from accidental damage. Flow tubes are also available separately for integration into customer equipment.

Key Features & Benefits
Low to medium flows
Alarm options

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Gas Range 5 cm³/min to 600 L/min (Air equiv.)
Liquid Range 2 cm³/min to 40 L/min (Water equiv.)
Scale Length approx. max. 100 or 140 mm (½", 1")
Accuracy Acrylic: ± 5% FSD, Glass: 2.5% VDI/VDE 3513
Flowrate Reading 'Top' edge of the Float @ middle of the Graduation Line
Temperature Acrylic: 60°C max., Glass: -15°C to 120°C
Connections ½", 1" BSP Parallel Female

Standard Materials

Connections ½": 316 Stainless Steel or Brass, 1": 316 Stainless Steel
Seals Viton or Nitrile
Flow Tube Acrylic or Borosilicate Glass