Hycontrol Capacitance Switch ME50 Wire Probe

Capacitance Switch ME50 Wire Probe


Manufacturer: Hycontrol

The cable-mounted ME50 capacitance probe is designed to be hung from the top of a vessel to provide accurate point-level switching.

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Hycontrol’s ME Series capacitance level switches provide simple, accurate and reliable level control for a wide range of applications. They are suitable for use on liquids, solids, slurries, pastes, granules, powders and pellets in high temperature, high pressure and corrosive environments.

Capacitance switches with the Ground Level Test facility have an additional pair of terminals provided in the switch head that are connected via a push button. This is usually mounted at the vessel fill point. After pushing the button, the circuit is then loaded as if a product has touched the active part of the probe and the electronics (if working correctly) will detect this change, activating the relay to change its state. Any audio or visual alarms wired to this relay will then be activated and will continue until the ground level test button is released. If the test is successful then the operator can proceed to fill the vessel, confident that the high alarm will operate if required to do so.

Hycontrol provides complete alarm and test panel solutions for single or multi-point applications, however, a simple push button can easily be retrofitted to existing panel installation with little or no disruption to the plant operations providing the alarms and sirens already exist.


Key Benefits

  • Easy installation through a 1” BSP process fitting
  • High corrosion and chemical resistance as standard options
  • Universal design can be used for high or low-level detection
  • Failsafe options high and low selectable
  • Low maintenance technology with no moving parts
  • Adjustable sensitivity for a wide range of products
  • Adjustable time delay to stop spurious signals from surface ripple
  • Interface level detection for difficult applications


Key Features

Standard Length: >3 m
Maximum Temperature: 80 °C
Ground Level Test: Yes
ATEX Option: No