APT-2000ALW Smart temperature transmitter


Manufacturer: Aplisens

The Aplisens Smart Temperature Transmitter APT-2000 ALW from Europe is applicable to the measurement of temperature.
The RTD PT100 sensing element ranges from -200°C to 550°C, (TC type K from -40°C to 550°C).
The device is suitable for custody transfer measurement of gas.

pdf datasheet
  • Programmable range, zero shift, characteristic and damping ratio with local panel keys
  • ATEX Intrinsic safety
  • ATEX Explosion proof
  • MID certificate
  • RTD or TC element
  • Accuracy: 0,075%
  • Rangeability 100:1
  • Output signal: 4...20 mA, HART
  • different Thermowell options