efco Rotago Ball Valve Lapping Machine

Rotago Ball Valve Lapping Machine

SKU: Rotago

Manufacturer: EFCO

Stationary ball valve lapping machine for the simultaneous finishing of the ball and 2 metallic sealing rings. For small and medium-sized ball workpieces with diameters of up to 300 mm.

ROTAGO is the best solution for lapping together metallic ball valve sealing seats and ball. It is suitable for a great variety of sealing seats and balls, i. e. floating ball, carried ball, etc., where surface shape and quality is of particular importance.

Main features of this machine are:

  • Simultaneous lapping of all sealing parts
  • Huge time savings compared to the manual lapping process
  • Ensure an exact fit of ball and sealing seats
  • Control speed of each drive continuously and independently
  • Integrated metering device for steady distribution of lapping mixture
  • Loading of large lapping workpieces from above
  • Adjustable stroke of sealing seat movement
  • Continuously adjustable pressure control to regulate contact between valve seats and ball
  • Drip container for used lapping mixture
  • Door equipped with protection switch
  • Timer with automatic shutoff
  • Ergonomically adjustable control panel
Ball diameters:

Ø 50 mm – Ø 300 mm (2" – 11.8")

Maximum ball weight: ca. 100 kg
Speed of main spindle (ball): 3 – 60 U/min
Speed of secondary spindle (valve seats): 3 – 80 U/min
Speed of pendulum mechanism: 3 – 30 U/min
(Eccentric) travel of the pendulum: 0 mm – 60 mm (0 – 2.4")