The EFCO portable PS-T 10 vertical test valve bench is suitable for testing shut-off valves and safety valves.

Portable Test Bench PS-T10


Manufacturer: EFCO

The portable PS-T 10 is suitable for testing shut-off valves and safety valves. The test specimens are clamped vertically and can be optimally vented by filling from below.

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Test media can be water, air or nitrogen (test pressure of up to 200 bar). You are able to carry out housing tests, response pressure tests and seat leakage tests. The PS-T 10 has a nominal range from DN 10 (3/8 ") to DN 200 (8"). The clamping is done manually with 4 clamping claws.

Technical Specifications:

  • DN10 (3/8") - DN200 (8")
  • for testing safety and shut-off valves
  • for flange and threaded fittings
  • transportable (3 parts), vertical
  • optionally available with upper yoke
  • Test medium: air / nitrogen / water
  • max. test pressure:
    DN 10 (3/8") / 200 bar (2900 psi)
    DN 200 (8") / 20 bar (290 psi)
  • clear and uncomplicated user operation
  • long service life through exclusive use of high-quality components
  • Water test pressure generation via finely adjustable, air-driven high-pressure pump

We only use high-quality manometers certified according to EN 10204-3.1B. The compact test bed weighs approx. 190 kg without test medium and specially designed for easy transportation.

The test benches can be expanded by many options like e.g. the VALVE-DOC, an administration and documentation system to document and archive test results. Contact us, and we will help you configure a testing system to exactly meet your needs.