efco PDM Stationary Vertical Lathe

PDM Stationary Vertical Lathe


Manufacturer: EFCO

PDM machines are designed for the axial machining and facing of fitting housings (gate valves, valves, check valves), pumps and similar rotationally symmetrical components. They have infinitely variable speed control and axial and radial feeds (Z and X axis) with infinitely variable control that make it possible to move both axes simultaneously at different speeds.

They are equipped with CNC programs that are specially tailored to turning requirements. During program development, special attention was paid to making operation as simple as possible. Operation takes place using a portable electronic control unit.

Work range: Ø1000 mm (Ø 40“)
Working height: 1470 mm (58“)
Power supply: electric 380V - 480V, 50/60Hz