efco TD NC CNC controlled Lathe

TD NC CNC controlled Lathe


Manufacturer: EFCO

With the portable CNC controlled lathes we achieve a completely new quality standard in flange and valve seat machining. Because of the pre-programmed processing cycles, the TD-2.02 NC special machine is ready for immediate use, and can be operated after just a small amount of instruction and no previous CNC programming knowledge. Machining options with the EFCO NC lathes. Of course, you can also supplement the program package with your own CNC programs.

In addition to grooving, hole machining is the other speciality of the TD-2.02 NC. The immersion depth of the machine can be increased beyond 600 mm using optionally available accessories.

The machines of the NC series are suitable for:

  • Facing,
  • Taper turning,
  • Radius turning,
  • Hole turning,
  • Grooving (axial)