efco TD Portable lathes for sealing faces, flanges and bores in valves

TD Portable lathes for sealing faces, flanges and bores


Manufacturer: EFCO

The EFCO TDs are portable lathes for precision machining of bores and sealing surfaces in valves, cylinders, pumps, turbine housings, etc. These machines are suitable for use on site and in the workshop, in power stations, for valve servicing, for chemical and petrochemical facilities, in steel construction, in shipyards and in oilfields.

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The TD sports a multitude of excellent properties and is therefore the most powerful, safest lathe of its kind on the market. The outstanding properties of the new TD include:

  • Stable bore machining
  • Continuously variable, automatic axial and radial feeds
  • Handy control panel, fine adjustments at the gearbox casing (no intervention at the rotary head required)
  • Use of square standard turning tool holder
  • Maximum working depth can be extended
Technical Data
Model TD-03* TD-1.02 TD-2.02*
Machining-Ø 0–150 mm
0–400 mm
0–800 mm
Working depth 250 mm
450 mm
600 mm
Radial Stroke 20 mm
40 mm
60 mm
Axial stroke 100 mm
200 mm
250 mm

Drive: electric 230/120 V, 50/60 Hz or pneumatic (6–7 bar)*
(Optional high-speed grinding device available for TD-1.02 and TD-2.02)